Our commitment to the environment

We are not comfortable with the environmental impact of plastic and so have provided water & milk in glass bottles so that we can re-use them. And neither in the waste of hotel size bottles of toiletries. We have refillable bottles of Bio D body wash/shampoo, hand soap & washing up liquid. They are a green company where all their products are made in the U.K, giving them complete traceability on all the ingredients that they use, so they know they are ethically & sustainably sourced.

We are not on mains drainage so we have a water treatment plant installed for the pod waste, after being treated (with no chemicals) this clean water goes into a soak away back into the land. We use Who Gives A Crap eco-friendly loo paper.

Please do not flush make-up/baby wipes, cotton wool, kitchen roll, sanitary towels, tampons, condoms or any other than what should be flushed down the toilet.

We try and recycle as much waste as possible. We have two recycling bins by the gate into the car park. The green one is for  paper & cardboard and the grey one for glass, plastic bottles, tins, plastic containers (not cellophane or cling film) and batteries. There is a brown bin for food waste and an ordinary dustbin for general waste.

The cleaning products we use are environmentally safe and we use the Norwex brand (developed to clean without the use of harmful chemicals) to clean the pod after each guest. The washing up liquid in the dispenser is Ecover brand as is the cleaning spray.

Please be mindful of the amount of electricity being used at one time, if, for example the coffee machine, microwave and t.v are all on, it is possible that they may trip out the mains circuit.

In order to reduce the amount of light pollution we have LED lighting, downward facing, operated by PIR, which gives sufficient light to walk to and from your pod without spoiling the night sky for those who wish to enjoy it.

Please be aware of leaving the heating on & the windows open if you go out for the day, the thermostat will keep calling for heat.

And lastly please be conscious of not wasting water.